Man behind the blog

So a bit about me then,I am a 40 something year old guy living in sunny (sometimes) England, who up until recently couldn’t get his head around the idea of  blogs, I had always seen them as a waste of time or something that never appealed to me…then for some unknown reason I gave it a go and here I am……

VLUU L200 / Samsung L200

Now if I am honest I have never really known what I wanted to do with my life……sure I had all these plans, as a kid I wanted to join the Navy and see the world, as an adult I trained as an electrician when I left school, got bored and moved to Spain. I loved life in Spain but missed my family and friends so headed back to the UK working firstly at the airport and then I fell into a job working for a tour operator which is where I still am today. Not exactly how I thought life would turn out but then again I have had a good life so far and I can’t complain about my job as I have had the chance to see countries which other people could only dream of.

What sort of things do you like then I hear you say well….I am rugby mad, I love the sport, I have played the game for over 20 years and done some coaching.Like most people I love going out with friends and honestly think the perfect evening out would be a summer’s evening in a pub beer garden with friends chatting about old times over a few drinks.

I am also on Twitter @DaveMilo if you fancy following me, one thing I can say about my Tweets is that they are a lot less interesting than what I post on here but still worth a read.


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