Damn you Minecraft

Over christmas I was introduced to a game which I promised myself I would hate by my 10-year-old, the game was so simple I was convinced within 10 minutes of first picking it up I would not want to play it again….that game was Minecraft.


If you have never played it then don’t (it’s too addictive) and if you have then you will know that in its simplest form is a game about building using blocks. These blocks can be stacked or harvested and the only limit to what you can build is your imagination.


As you can see from the above it’s not exactly the graphics you see in modern-day games and I think that is the massive appeal of the game, within minutes of picking it up you can understand all the controls and then its a case of working out what you want to build.

The version I played has two game types construction and survival with the survival version having zombie type characters who will come out after dark and attack you unless your tucked up inside. As you can see from the below I use the word Zombie type characters very loosely as they are far from the stuff of nightmares!


Is is honestly one of the best game apps I have ever played and its a real struggle to put down once you start playing it….it also has the added appeal of being a multiplayer game over wifi.

Anyway gotta go there is a zombie about to attack me ……lol




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