Christmas through your life

Christmas has always been and will always be a magical time of year, being an adult and having gone through the many phases of life child, teenager, adult, single, attached, engaged (in no particular order) makes you realise just how magical it is.

As a child I remember the build up to Christmas seeing all those adverts on tv and in the paper for the years must have toys, things that these days look so underwhelming but back then you had to have. As a kid and having a slightly younger brother we used to get Star Wars figures and vehicles for every occasion, birthdays, christmas anything that warranted a gift……bliss.

Then growing up it loses a bit of its magic when you’re in those teenage/ single years where christmas seems to be more about going out with friends and less about the actual time of year…..planning what to do Christmas eve and N/ew Years seemed more important than Christmas itself.

When your attached Christmas takes on a different form, it’s all about the giving again and getting the right blend between making sure that you and your partner are happy and both of your parents get to see you  both over the festive period (wouldn’t want one side thinking they get less time than the other !).

But for me the best Christmases are the one you have when there are children around, I am engaged and have a little boy and for me Christmases are like they used to be when I was a kid again. You have to pay attention to the TV adverts and make sure you pick up the not so subtle hints on what toys are cool and what ones are ok but I don’t think I would like them.

When you have children Christmas comes in 5 parts…..

  • Pre Christmas – Picking up on the present hints, making the list for Santa and buying/wrapping the gifts.
  • Christmas Eve – It’s like a military procedure making sure everything is ready for Santa so when he makes his appearance he is able to leave his present’s.
  • Christmas Day Morning – Being prepared to wake up at some ungodly hour and being able display that very surprised look at the present’s on the floor around the tree.
  • Christmas Day Afternoon – Family time, you need to be able to remain stress free while all around you there is the chaos of Christmas day lunch and family games.
  • Boxing Day – Wind down, play with those gifts and its the one day that your really allowed to do as little as possible (be aware this is only allowed once a year – make the most of it).

I do love christmas and I do love that it gives me the chance to be a kid again, the only down side is that it’s all over too quickly……roll on next year !




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