New Phone Time…..

It’s that time again for me, the dreaded end of the mobile phone contract time, do I re-new with them or find a new provider, will they offer me a good deal, will I get that phone I like the look of……

I have to say I hate it, I ring them knowing exactly what I want , I know the phone and the contract I want but can I have it ….no !

So the question is why ?

  1. Not a new customer
  2. We can’t offer that phone on that contract
  3. We can only offer you the phone on a more expensive contract
  4. You need to pay an amount for the phone as it’s not a free upgrade

They seem to have answers for everything when you ring them, why can’t it be like it used to be….back in the day when they valued your custom and you had to do a bit of modern-day haggling but always got that deal you wanted.

I keep trying to convince myself I don’t need the latest phone and that the one I have will do right up until recently when I lost my phone. I went through my draws and found an old one of mine which didn’t have the Internet, didn’t have a camera or anything funky in fact the ring tone selection was so poor I had to keep it on silent to save my embarrassment in public !

So there is it, embarrassment …….. the reason that I am going to put myself through the hassle of ringing a call center on another planet and them giving me a phone I really don’t want after being convinced it’s an upgrade. I don’t want to be one of those people who gets stared at for holding a brick to their ear in public or the one ignoring their phone as the ring tone attracts the wrong kind of attention…..I am sheep like everyone else I must have one.


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