Game Day – What a Day

In the last post I mentioned about a game of rugby I was due to play with people I hadn’t seen or played with in many years….well it happened and we won !!

What a day, people turned up from all over the country, one from outside of the country all for the same reason to celebrate the clubs 50th anniversary and to see old friends.

When I looked around the pitch one thing struck me (well two if you include the fact we were all carrying a little more weight around the waist) and that was the power of social media. Almost all the people who played were contacted either via facebook or twitter and it made me wonder just how many of those people there would have not shown in the days before social media ?

As I said on the pitch we won beating a team of players who still play on a regular basis and off the pitch we sank beers, played the old drinking games we used to play all those years ago and sang until the early hours.

I am in the middle 3rd left and obviously 3rd right !


Why has it taken me 4 days to put up a post about the game….well its taken me this long to get over the game and the day, it made me realise that as much fun as it was we all change and we all get older….I couldn’t do the drinking, singing and playing every weekend like I used to !

I hope the highlights link works, watch out for my yellow boots in the second half and my hit on the fullback 8:35 mins in (which they then scored off of).



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