Rolling back the years

A few months ago an invite to an event came my way via Facebook, now if your like me you don’t normally take any notice of these events as they are normally someone asking you to play a game or junk…..but this one grabbed my attention.

The rugby club I grew up playing for and love with all my heart Burgess Hill Rfc were having the clubs 50th Anniversary and I was being asked to come down to play a part in the celebrations and play in the over 35’s (vets) game against a representative side before the clubs current 1st team played.

I replied to the email instantly putting my name forward, this was it the chance I had been waiting for….to pull on the clubs shirt again and be able to run out on the pitch one last time with the same players I had played with as a teenager and then most importantly to enjoy the banter in the bar afterwards with them.

It seemed like ages ago that I replied to that email and the weeks have taken ages to pass but finally this weekend its game time, I am like a kid in a candy shop….litterally itching to get out on the pitch…….then it dawned on me.

I havent seen some of these guys in over 15 years, how will I play, will I actually last the game without collapsing through exhaustion, what will people be like towards me having not seen me for so long……..I had gone through the excited phase and was now actually starting to worry about it all.

You know what I have been thinking about it all and yes I may have gotten a little older, I may have gotten a little larger around the waist and a little grayer haired but it’s still me inside. I cannot wait to roll back the years this weekend and spend some quality time with people I never thought I would see again let alone play rugby with.



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