UFO files released by the UK government

I am pretty sure that as a kid you all got caught up in the whole idea of UFOs, life on other planets and if there is actually anything out there.

Star Wars was the film that got me thinking , I mean who didn’t want to be Han Solo (I wasn’t hairy enough to be Chewy!) for the slightly younger generation maybe it was watching E.T and then for the younger still Men in Black?

Now I am pretty open minded and even though I am a great believer in if I can see it and touch it then its real….. I never like to dismiss things I cannot explain which is why one of the stories on the BBC website today grabbed my attention.

Its a story about the UK government releasing UFO files to the public for a limited time, now some people wont have read this far because they simply don’t believe in it all and deem UFOs and questions about life on other planets to be fiction.

I have always thought it would be small minded to think that there is nothing out there, I mean if we can go from the stone age to exploring space I am sure that others must be in the same situation….who knows they might even be here (although if I had come from another planet I very much doubt I would want to live here)

What ever your thoughts the files do make good reading and some are more believable than others.



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