Lancaster Bomber

At the weekend we went along to a fete in the a small village that our little boy plays football at. Having never been along and the weather being very bad I wasnt expecting too much in the way of excitement (if you have never been to one they are normally a mesh mash of stalls and games).

Having been there for a few wet hours and visited all the stalls spending money on all sorts of little games and gifts we took shelter under a large tree and enjoyed a beer from the beer tent…..thinking it might recharge us a bit.

While sitting there a voice came over the loud-speaker (I say loud-speaker it was a poor effort) announcing that in approx 30 mins there would be a fly past by a world war 2 Lancaster bomber, one of apparently only two still flying. Now I presumed it was the beer getting the better of me as a village fete couldnt arrange such an event surely, either that or it was just going to be passing on route and we were going to get lucky.

Well how wrong I was…. 30 mins later in the distance we heard the roar of engines and then the Lancaster appeared ….almost bursting over the tops of the trees. The noise from the engines, the fact it was flying so low over the trees and that you could see the pilots faces brough a cheer from the crowd and a smile to everyone’s wet faces.

Not only were we treated to the low fly past, the Lancaster swung around and came back not once but three times and on the final run tipped its wings and headed back to base.

I have to admit that was the best fete I have ever been too and my only regret is not taking my camera so I am afraid you will have to make do with a rather poor camera phone photo.


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