My biggest bugbear

Every couple of weeks I have to drive to my company’s head office, a journey of approximately 120 miles each way on which takes in two of the busiest motorways in the UK.

Now I have kind of got used to it as I have been making this trip so often and like a lot of people I set myself little targets/milestones on the way which helps to break down the trip. As a kid I used to do it on family holidays and it used to make the journeys more bearable and pass the time in the car.

There is one thing though as a kid and now as an adult which I hate and it drives me mad when I am in a car…….in fact I would go as far as to say its my biggest  bugbear !

Being stuck behind slow-moving vehicles which are trying to overtake one another!

I am using trucks as an example because they are the ones I encounter most on the motorways, but my frustration isn’t limited just to them Caravans, Campers, Tractors….they all do it.

Now I know that truck drivers are only making a living like the rest of us and I know that they have a right to be on the motorways like the rest of us… but seriously why oh why overtake a vehicle that is moving just as slow or the same speed as yourself and hold up everyone else !

There is only one thing worse…..when the two trucks get along side each other on a hill slowing down the traffic forming a traffic jam only for the truck who is overtaking to realise that it doesn’t have the power to overtake…….you then get a stand-off between the two trucks which lasts for miles !

Right rant over, coffee drank, now nice and calm…..time to start work 🙂


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