My Bucket List

There is a program in the UK called Idiot Abroad and for those of you who have not seen it……see it, its one of the funniest programs you will ever see. Well the new series kicked off last week and in the new series Idiot Abroad 2 he has to choose things to do from other people’s bucket lists, but everything is not what it seems and they all have a twist.

Well this got me thinking…what would I include in my own Bucket List, not wanting to make the list too long I have limited it to 10 things but having travelled considerably with work I had to really think about it.


  1. Own a VW Camper van, now I know I will never be able to afford the split screen of my dreams but ever since I was a kid I have wanted one….I dare say when I do finally get one it will be a dream ruined as I have visions of the most impractable vehicle ever which will constantly break down.
  2. Visit Alcatraz, I visited San Francisco about 10 years ago with work and done a trip of the bay but never got to step foot on Alcatraz which is something I regret and eating on the pier in the evening seeing the lights out in the dark was gutting (is the bush man still around?)
  3. Gone on Rugby Tour with the British Lions, something that all my adult life I have wanted to do and even got as far as saving for but ended up spending the money saved on bills that came up……not next time….next time I am going πŸ™‚
  4. Visit New Zealand, its meant to be a country with everything….I would love to go and find out just how true that saying is, see the sights, look at the scenery.
  5. Buy a quality digital Slr Camera, bit of an expense….yes……something I have always wanted…..yes…..something that will possibly sit gathering dust……possibly.
  6. Do a Bungee Jump, while in Zambia I had the opportunity to do one on the bridge between Zambia and Zimbabwe but backed out at the last-minute when I was all suited up for it, something I regret massively and something I would like to do just to set the record straight and prove I am not afraid of heights.
  7. Buy a house that needs a lot of work, I have always wanted to buy a property that needs renovating, there is something appealing about living somewhere which you have put your own stamp on.
  8. Find a job which I enjoy, I know that money makes the world go around and I know non of us really go to work because we enjoy it but instead to pay the bills but every now and then you meet someone who genuinely loves their job…..I want that!
  9. Visit Auschwitz, I know possibly not on may people’s list but I think to fully understand history you have to see it warts and all. I cannot imagine how bad life must have been for some during WW2 and I think its important that places like this are visited.
  10. Win the Lottery, not a small amount but enough to make sure that my family and friends wouldn’t have to worry about the basics in life anymore. I see a lottery win as a way to improve people’s lives not just mine (I know I join the list of billions of people who want to win it).

3 thoughts on “My Bucket List

  1. Nice post and good idea. On your list I really like #1 and would totally love that! I’m currently working on your #8 and am halfway there!!!

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