Twitter and my Dad…..



This evening had to be one of the strangest for a long long time, it was a pretty quiet day at work and I  thought I would pop into the parents on the way home and visit.

I will explain a little bit about my parents, they are both in their 70’s and retired, my mum likes to think she moves with the times and has spent the last few years coming to terms with a computer (fair play to her) even though she still hasn’t fully worked out how to use her mobile.As for my dad he is a life long Queens Park Rangers football fan and a compete technophobe.

On the way to their house I while driving I caught the end of a radio phone in show which happened to mention his beloved football team and upon arriving at their house I mentioned that they had chatted about his team and a few of the players on twitter.

What happened next was a surprise, he asked if I could set him up an account, this was coming from my dad a man in his 70’s who hates all things technical…who has a mobile but “Keeps it safe” in the draw.

So I sat down with him, set up the account and then showed him how to add people, then I showed him how to send a tweet to people and retired to the kitchen to make us all a cup of tea.

When I returned I looked at the screen and not only had he managed to send a tweet, to my amazement he had only gone and got a reply from an ex-England cricketer (Darren Gough)……Who said you can’t teach an old dog new tricks!

Oh and if you fancy following him I am pretty sure he would be very happy @QPRMiles .


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