Boys Holiday to Rhodes 1990’s

Its funny looking back on old photos, they make you smile, they make you laugh and they make you wish you could relive those days but most of all its the memories they bring.

I know what your all thinking what dashing bunch of guys….lol….ok maybe not but back in the 90’s before the days of the digital camera (these were taken with a disposable camera and photographed to put on  here) we looked pretty good(ish)

The line up as follows Maple Jnr, Me, Stan, Darren, Maple Snr.

Ok so it seemed like a good idea at the time!

Darren, Maple Snr and Myself trying to look more muscular but achieving the fat drunk look 🙂

Possibly one of my favourite photos, I am 2nd left and actually have my eyes open in a photo what a great bunch of friends who could wish for better !!


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