Margarita what a holiday !

I thought it was about time I posted a few photos from my Travels, this will be my first post with pictures from a trip I took back in 2007 to Margarita in Venezuela.

I have to say that even though I work in travel and knew a little about the place before travelling I was amazed just how nice the country was and how welcoming the locals were, especially the Indians I stayed with in the jungle.

A few from the beach part of the holiday, the best bit….the lack of people on the beach.

The next few are from a kayaking trip I took through the mangroves.

To finish off this post here are a few from the jungle, now that’s what I call an aircraft.

Landing in heavy rain, I would rather have not had this view!

When we landed we drove overland to the river, the guide told us that the local Indians would take us up river to the camp, as you can see the rain was really coming down.

So what do you expect to see when the guide points to your boat, I can tell you I didn’t expect to see this happening !

Anyway we got to the camp safe and next day the weather picked up, the next few are from the jungle, it was amazing.

That’s all for now, if you like the photos let me know and I will post some more from my  Margarita holiday.


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