Back in the Saddle……

After injuring my foot playing in the second last game of the rugby season I started wracking my brain on what I could do during the off-season to A)get myself fit for next season without doing running(as it was still to painful) and B) attempt to get myself an Adonis like body for the summer holidays (like that would ever be possible).

Then it came to me, I had left my old bike at a friends while I moved and never got around to picking it back  up ….so a phone call was made and that evening I was back in possession of my trust old mountain bike which although a bit dusty and a little rusty still looked the part. That night I gave it a little clean, pumped tp the tyres, oiled the chain and if it wasnt for the rain would have gone out on it, but it was ok I was prepared to wait until the following night for my first ride in 2 years.

Next day at work I planned my route, thought about it some more, looked at google maps and planned it again. I didn’t want to come face to face with a hill that looked like the north face of Everest on my first ride otherwise I might think sod that and never go out on the bike again…..right route all planned.

I got in from work and got changed straight away, if any of you are like me getting in and sitting down is the worse thing you can do as its such a struggle to get back out again once you get comfy. I have always struggled with that even when I was younger and used the gym a lot I had to literally come in get changed and head out or I would always find something on tv which I would use as an excuse not to go.

So all kited out with the heart rate monitor and my garmin watch I headed off out on my bike, 40 mins later I arrived back covering 11.3km that first night and loved every minute of it although there were a few things I really should have remembered since my last ride 2 years earlier.

  1. Wear sunglasses when out cycling as flies in the eyes not only hurt but are a right pain
  2. When cycling along country lanes on a sunny evening keep your mouth closed as flies tend to get swallowed
  3. Take a drink as flies swallowed don’t taste too good and it helps to refresh you
  4. This one is the most important……….. two years earlier and the last time I used the bike I swore to get a new saddle, after 15 minutes cycling I remembered this fact and this morning I turned up at work walking like John Wayne…..not the best look.

Well that was last night, tonight I went back out again, no new saddle I will get that tomorrow but tonight I covered 15km and again enjoyed every minute of it, looks like I have the cycling bug again !


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